Tax Reduction Strategies

Do you have a tax liability at the end of each year? Retirement Planning Resources specializes in tax- favored and/or tax-free distribution strategies, also known as high-contribution, owner-favored defined benefit plans. We help business owners strategically plan to win the tax game. Winning means we help you keep more of what you earn now and in the future. We use CPA"s, Actuary"s and Third-Party Administrators to help us design these plans in order to reduce the taxes you pay and increase the money you keep.

Profile of an ideal client who can benefit from our strategies:

  • Profitable Business Owner
    • Planning for retirement
    • Hoping to reduce taxes
    • Looking for ways to protect the profits of the business
    • $100,000 minimum net profit

The most commonly missed tax reduction:

  • Missing the opportunity to take advantage of current pension laws, which allow large tax deductions and large pension contributions for business owners.

Why don"t more people know about these types of plans?

  • Most advisors are concerned about traditional money management and CPA"s are typically concerned about compliance and tax preparation, rather than seeking tax-reduction strategies for their clients.  At Retirement Planning Resources, we have a team of CPA"s, Actuary"s and Third-Party Administrators who have the vested interest, experience and expertise to advise, design and implement these types of tax planning strategies. Oftentimes, we can adjust your current plans so more money stays in your pocket and less goes to the government. This plan works regardless of employees who do not contribute to their own retirement, thus allowing you to contribute as much as you wish, rather than a limited amount as it is in a traditional 401(k) plan.

Would you like our firm to evaluate your existing plan or complete an assessment to find out if a new plan would work better for you? If so, we"ll need you to complete a company census and share current statements of valuation on your existing plan(s). The census can be found here. Upon receipt of the information requested, please allow us 10 business days to prepare a feasibility study to decide if we can improve your company"s current situation by increasing your contributions and lowering your taxes.

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