About Us

Melinda Ravsten


Melinda oversees the general management of the firm and brings her passion and understanding of women and their unique relationship with money to empower them with clarity and confidence to make sound financial decisions. Her focus is to help society with the products and services RPR sells and also make a difference in the community in which she lives and works. Melinda has served on the Mile High United Way Women"s Leadership Council and has also served as the Board Chairman for the Women"s Global Empowerment Fund. Melinda received her Bachelor"s Degree from the University of Utah. She has three grown children and eight awesome grandchildren and divides her residence between Parker, CO and Vail, CO where she works as a Mountain Volunteer for the Vail Corporation.

Chris Ravsten

Holistic Coach & Advisor

Chris began his career in financial services in 1980 and has loved every twist and turn his career has taken him. He came into the industry with a personal witness of how important financial planning is as a result of losing his father to colon cancer when he was twelve years old. His father died without any life insurance in force, so his mother started her college education while mourning the loss of her husband, and trying to support five children, ages 13 years down to 9 months old.  This was an incredible hardship on the family and Chris learned during those years how important life insurance is in a financial plan. This stark witness has influenced Chris" decision to make sure he will do all he can to enable his clients to have a full financial plan in place to provide for the expected, and unexpected events of life.

As part of his career, Chris has done tax returns for 10 years, provided financial planning seminars for major corporations such as K&N Energy, JD Edwards, Channel 7 News, The Denver Post, IHS, and many others. He conducted several radio shows in Denver over the years, where he made complex financial issues easy to understand and accept. He has designed and trademarked an investment strategy that allows clients to increase their returns while decreasing risk. He has also provided solid financial planning strategies to hundreds of families and businesses. Chris" desire is to help his clients live a life of fullness and success by establishing a base of financial security that allows them to live the life of their dreams. He treats each of his clients as the most important part of his practice, which is why he has such long term relationships with his clientele. Chris is currently involved with the Douglas County School District"s Financial Oversight Committee.