Disability Insurance

Suppose you had an ATM machine which was responsible for paying you your current salary every two weeks. Would you insure it against theft, breakdown, or malfunction, knowing it would be the only way you would get paid? Of course you would. So why shouldn’t you insure your ability to go to work every day and bring home your paycheck?

Statistics tell us that Americans have a higher chance of losing their ability to work due to health related conditions than they do of a fire burning down their home or a car accident. Yet, we all have our homes and cars insured. Why not our ability to go to work?

At Retirement Planning Resources, we value your position as a bread-winner for your household, and we want to help you protect and insure that position. With the risk of using your disability insurance at 1 in 4, we want to help you maintain your lifestyle and dignity, if a disability should befall you.

Let us show you how reasonable this coverage is, and how critical it is to purchase the correct form of coverage.

Call us at 855-266-1094. for a free consultation. You deserve this protection. Let us show you how easy it is to insure your “ATM”. Call Retirement Planning Resources today. We will keep your income safe.